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Nicolette Geldenhuys

Nicolette started painting when her second child Mila was born in 2000. “I never thought I had it in me, but there was always this burning in me to create. God started showing me His plan and purpose for me and how He wanted to reveal Himself to me and others through my creative process. My painting originated with Him and is always foremost done with Him, about Him and for Him.”


Nicolette believes that art should, above all else, evoke emotion. “I have this love for words and I can’t help but write on my paintings. Sometimes a scripture or part of a song, sometimes a very personal part of myself, ends up in writing on the artwork. I have certain symbols that mean something to me, but I prefer that the viewer listens for their own story and sees their own message in my paintings. That is what makes me happy, when I see the emotion on someone’s face as the Creator of all speaks to them personally through a piece of art that I made.”


Nicolette mainly works with acrylics on canvas or board but has recently begun experimenting with mixed media, water color and collage.

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